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10 Ways to Hack Facebook Account Online for Free - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Hacking a Facebook account has been made possible and easy thanks to online programs such as "hayy.fb hack" that give you the opportunity to hack facebook account online in 2 minutes without necessarily downloading any foreign software or program. A good number of these online facebook hacking methods are free for use while some of them are paid but have powerful functions. However, if you know what is hayy, the the is not 100% working for all the time (probably with 70% success rate, as some said.) All in all, if you want to know how to hack Facebook account online using URL for free or using some apps, you have come at the right place.

With me, I have a total of five different and highly effective methods to hack any Facebook account password.

Part 1: Hack Facebook Account Online Using Spyzie

The first recommended method to hack Facebook account is by using Spyzie. It is a powerful phone spy app and the easiest way to hack facebook password. With this program you will have the opportunity to hack the Facebook account of your liking, read the messages as well as view and download the pictures from the hacked Facebook account. Here's how to hack Facebook account using Spyzie. Please note that you don't need to know the facebook username, and it works for both Facebook and Messenger apps.

Step 1: Create a Spyzie account to hack fb account.

Step 2: Get hold of the phone that you want to hack and complete the setup process. You will need to install Spyzie app and make necessary settings on the target phone to hack facebook password.

Tips: The phone should be an android phone. If you would like to hack facebook on an iPhone, there is no need to install any app.

Step 3: Once installed, you can log into your account on your own device and select "Facebook" to hack a facebook account easily.

Step 4: From this point onwards, you can monitor each and every message that is sent or recieved on the hacked Facebook account. The Keyloggerfeatures could help you hack facebook password on target phone.

Part 2: Hack Facebook Account Online Using Face Geek

Another online method of how to hack Facebook account online is by using Face Geek (the URL is: Face Geek is a simplified online program that allows you to hack Facebook account using username only. The following are simple steps of how to use Face Geek for free.

Step 1: Visit the official Face Geek account and enter the Facebook ID of the target victim as shown below.

Tip: You can retrieve the user account ID by going to his/her profile using your Facebook account.

Step 2: Enter the account ID in the spaces provided on the website. The brain behind the hacker will retrieve the password for you and display it in a span of 5 minutes.

Step 3: Login to Facebook using the details provided.

Part 3: Hack Facebook Account Via Forgot Password Method

Apart from using an online program that requires you to use the username of the target Facebook account to hack it, you can employ a unique method of hacking Facebook. What you need to have to hack a Facebook account is the access to the user account email address (the email address used to open the Facebook account).

The following is a detailed process on how to hack Facebook account online using the “Forget Password” option.

Step 1: Open Facebook and click on the “Forgot your Password” option.

Step 2: A new page requesting you to find your account will open up. Enter the target username in the space provided.

Step 3: A new page requesting you to "Reset Your Password” will open up. Choose the email option and click "Continue".

Tip: You can use the email, text message or the phone call option. You must make sure that you have access to any of these three recovery methods.

Step 4: A security code will be sent to the user's email address. Enter the code in the space provided.

Step 5: A new page asking you to enter a new and strong password will be displayed. Enter the password as requested and click "Continue".

Step 6: Facebook will ask you to logout from any device that you suspect of accessing the account. Just click on the "Stay Logged in" option and click "Continue" to hack facebook account.

From this point onwards, the hacked Facebook account now belongs to you. It’s simple as that.

Part 4: How to Hack Facebook password using Sam Hacker

You can also hack Facebook online by using the Sam Hacker method. This free online hacking tool allows you to hack any Facebook account as long as you have the details such as the username with you. Unlike other other methods, the Sam Hacker method only requires the email used to register the Facebook account.

Here is a detailed Facebook hacking process as utilized by the Sam Hacker program.

Step 1: For you to hack the Facebook account in question, visit the official website:

Step 2: One the page, enter the email address of the account that you would want to hack in the space provided.

Step 3: Click on the “Hack” option to initiate the hacking process.

Tip: If you would like to know how to hack the Facebook password, click on the “Watch Demo” option.

Step 4: The entire hacking process will take about 2 minutes. The password to the account will be displayed.

You can now use the email address as well as the hacked password to get access to the Facebook account.

Part 5: How to Hack Facebook Account Online Using Hyper-Cracker

Hyper-Cracker is a free online Facebook hacking tool that allows you to hack any fb account within minutes. Still all you need to have with you is the username of the account holder.

Hyper-Cracker allows you to crack the Facebook password, view the friend list of the target account, download pictures remotely, search the entire history of the target account, as well as check the login activities and the entire conversations of the target user.

The following is a detailed process on how to hack Facebook account profile online by using the Hyper-Cracker method.

Step 1: Visit the Hyper-Cracker website and scroll down the page to locate the “Hack Now Online” option.

Step 2: Click on this option to open a new web page.

Step 3: In the spaces provided, enter the user name of the target Facebook account.

Step 4: Tip: Please make sure that the username starts with the HTTP:// address. Failure to do this you won’t’ be in a position to hack the Facebook account.

Once you have entered the details correctly, click on the “Hack This Facebook Account Now” option.

The account in question will be hacked, and you will be in a position to access the messages, profile pictures as well as anything that you may deem necessary from the account.

Part 6: Hack Facebook account online using PiraterFacebook

These days, the hacking Facebook account is very simple thanks to the online tools like How to Pirater Facebook that makes hacking easier than ever before. How to Pirater is one of the best online tools that enable you to easily hack target person Facebook account in few simple steps. This tool is coded with a special set of an algorithm that can easily hack any account with any level of security.

How to hack Facebook account online using PiraterFacebook?

Step 1: Initially, you have to open by entering it on the web browser address field.

Step 2: Now, you have to go to the profile of target account that you would like to hack and copy the URL address.

Step 3: Go back to How to Pirater Facebook website and paste the copied URL address on the following text field and hit on the “Hacking” button to start hacking process.

Step 4: Once the hacking process successfully completed, you have to click on the “View Data” to view the password. It will show you the password of target Facebook account.

Part 7: Hack Facebook account online using Facebook Hacker by Softholics

Facebook hacker is another hacking tool that is mainly designed to hack Facebook account in few simple steps. It is equipped with some functions that allow you to hack any type of Facebook account or page. The working of this method is same as method 1 where we use How to Pirater Facebook online hacking service. Another main benefit of using this service is that you don’t have to avail any service to use this. The hacking with Facebook Hacker tool is completely free of cost.

How to hack Facebook account online using Facebook Hacker?

Step 1: Open web browser and visit

Step 2: Now, you have to open Facebook on another tab and visit the profile of the target account and copy the URL.

Step 3: Switch back to Facebook Hacker tab and paste the link on the text field and click on “Hack Account” button.

Step 4: It will start password breaching process and will take some time depends on the security of the network.

Step 5: Once it is completed, click on View Password to check the password of the targeted Facebook account.

Part 8: Hack Facebook account online using EXAHACK

EXAHACK is a website cum online Facebook password hacking tool with a wide range of functions. These functions have the ability to breach any type of Facebook account or page easily. There no extraordinary skill is required to use this online Facebook hacking tool. Like many other leading Facebook hack tools online, you can use this service at free of cost.

How to hack Facebook account online using EXAHACK?

Step 1: First of all, open web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and visit the following website i.e.

Step 2: Go to and visit the target user profile and copy the URL to clipboard.

Step 3: Now, paste the copied URL in the text field on EXAHACK site and hit on the “Hack!” button.

Step 4: It will take a couple of seconds to generate a password.

Step 5:  Once it’s done, click on the “Download your password here”.

Part 9: Hack Facebook account online using FB Hacks

FB Hacks is a hacking tool that is designed to hack Facebook account in few simple steps. There is no need for any extra app in order to hack Facebook account with FB hacks. The process of hacking is really fast as compared to other methods. If you have doubt that your kids are communicating with the wrong person then, you can try this tool.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to visit on the web browser of your computer.

Step 2: Copy the URL address of target Facebook account and paste it on the FB Hacks site.

Step 3: After that, click on “Hack this Account” button to start hacking process.

Step 4: It will take some time to hack the target account.  

Part 10: Hack Facebook account online using Hack FB Now

Basically, Hack FB Now is an online website that enables you to hack a Facebook account without knowing the password. This service is completely free of cost, unlike many other online Facebook hacking tools. You just have to visit their official website to access this service. The process is very easy to use with no extraordinary technical skill is required.

How to hack Facebook account using Hack FB Now?

Step 1: Visit the official website of Hack FB Now i.e.

Step 2: Now, one has to copy the target Facebook profile URL and paste it into Hack FB Now site.

Step 3: Then, click on the “Submit & Get Password Now” button to start hacking process.

Step 4: The hacking process begins and tries some set of special keys to hack the password.

Step 5: Finally, your password is ready to download, click on “Get Password” to get the Facebook password.   

Hacking a Facebook account can be an interesting thing to do especially if you have always wanted to know what a particular person is always up to online. As we have seen in this article, if you want to hack Facebook account online, you can easily do this from the comfort of your PC at no extra cost. It should be pointed out that all the online facebook hacking methods does not always work, though they are free tools. You may have a try first to check if it works for you. Anyway, you can always use Spyzie to hack a cell phone so as to hack all the social apps including facebook. All in all, if you have always wanted to know what a particular person does on his/her Facebook account, it is high time that you got involved now and did something about it.

Black Friday VPS Hosting And Cloud Hosting Deals 2018 - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Are you looking for the Best Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals? If yes, your search ends right here.

In this article, I am going to list down the top VPS Hosting offers you can grab this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have also included hosting companies that are providing Black Friday Cloud VPS Deals.

Why Not To Miss Black Friday VPS And Cloud VPS Deals

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most hosting companies give away insane discounts on Web Hosting, Domain names, Themes as well as Plugins. Because of this, most people prefer starting a new website or transferring their blog to other hosting companies during this period.

So you should definitely not miss out this opportunity to save money and get yourself a good Black Friday VPS deal.

Recommended VPS And Cloud VPS For Black Friday

If you are looking for good solid VPS with a cPanel we highly recommend you to go with Liquid Web Hostingwhich is a premium hosting company that provides VPS at affordable pricing. They also have a good customer support to back up their fully managed VPS products.

However, Liquid Web does not provide VPS for starters who are upgrading from shared hosting and their most basic VPS plan comes with a 4 GB RAM. So, if you are looking for a cheap VPS with lower resources, you can consider Cloudways

For Unmanaged and cheap VPS Option you can consider Turnkey Internet. Their plans start at just $3.99/month with the 4GB 4 Core CPU and 40GB Hard disk VPS available at just $9.99/month.

Get The Turnkey Internet

Best Black Friday VPS Deals

Below is the list of Top Black Friday VPS Deals that I have compiled to make things easier for you.

1. Liquid Web VPS Deals

Liquid Web started operations way back in the year 1997. Over the years, they have transformed into one of the most reputed web hosting companies that provide Managed VPS Hosting and Fully Managed Dedicated Servers.

Liquid Web is known for their fast, reliable and well-secured servers that are fully managed. Their products are backed by world-class support, they refer to as "Heroic Support."

At Liquid web you get SSD based Fully Managed VPS starting from 2GB RAM to 32GB RAM. They also offer Dedicated servers starting from 16GB RAM for the single processors to 512GB RAM for Dual core processors. So, no matter what your need is, they have a server for you.

Like every year, this year too, Liquid web will be providing special discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This Year,  Liquid Web is not offering any price reduction or increasing the VPS Resources.

The price of the basic VPS with 2GB RAM is still $59. However, for Black Friday Sale it will come with few optional addons worth $29.5 for free. 

These Free Addons include with the Liquid Web Black Friday VPS Deal include Site Remediation & Protection as well as Premium Business email Base Charge. So the discount works out to be up to 33%

In addition to the above discount, you can use the Coupon code FASTVPS50 to get an additional 50% Discount for the next 3 months. Below are the VPS deals you can avail this Black Friday

The deal will start on 8th November 2018. The end date of the deal is not yet known. But it is expected to be live beyond Cyber Monday. 

Liquid Web Regular VPS Deals

If you do not want to wait till Black Friday, you can still get a 50% discount for a period of 3 months on Liquid Web Cloud VPS. However, unlike the Black Friday VPS Deal, the discount is applicable on normal plans and hence you only get half the amount of RAM as available with the Black Friday Cloud Deal.

Get Liquid Web Deal

2. Interserver VPS Deals

Interserver is a relatively lesser known web hosting company that has been around since 1999. They provide Web hosting products ranging from Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers at an affordable price tag.

They are a perfect choice for people who are looking for Managed Cheap Cloud VPS as their plans start at just $6/month for a 1GB VPS. However, unlike Liquid Web and other costly Managed VPS providers, Interserver does not offer Fully Managed VPS Services.

According to Interserver, they manage everything you buy from them. So, if you buy a server from them, they will set-up and configure the server. They will also manage all the server-related updates and security patches.

If you buy a cPanel from them, the cPanel updates will be included in their responsibility. So naturally, they won't provide any support for WordPress or any other applications you install on Interserver hosting servers.

The biggest positive about Interserver is the Bread Basket Server Set-Up that they provide for free with all their VPS plans. The set-up includes Free Webuzo control panel from Softaculous. You also get free Softaculous 1-click application installer that is commonly available with shared hosting.

Though, the Interserver Black Friday Deal is just available on their shared hosting, if you want to get Interserver VPS, there is a reason for you cheer.

With a special deal for BloggerzArena readers, you can get Interserver VPS for just 1 cent for the first month. To get this offer, you can click on the below button and use the coupon code BA1CENT in your cart.

Get 1 Cent VPS Deal

3. A2 Hosting VPS Deals

A2 Hosting was founded in the year 2004. It is one of the few popular hosting company which is not owned by the EIG Group or GoDaddy.

They are mainly known in the web-hosting industry for their fast SSD based servers that provide quick page load times. They also have a decent customer support, they refer to as "Guru Crew Support."

Apart from Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers, A2 also offers various VPS hosting plans. They offer Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS as well as Core VPS.

The Unmanaged VPS starts at just $5 per month for 512MB RAM Server. There is not much of a choice as the topmost server only provides 1GB of RAM.

Both the Managed VPS and Core VPS offers three plans that are identical to each other and also carry the same plan name. Apart from the root access available with the core plan, there is no difference between these plans.

The basic plan for both Managed VPS and Core VPS comes with 4GB of RAM while the topmost plan will give you 8GB of RAM. You get free cPanel with each of these plans

With the A2 Hosting VPS Black Friday offer, you get 50% discount on Managed VPS as well as core VPS. However, there is no discount on unmanaged VPS.

Get A2 Hosting Deal

4. CloudWays Managed Cloud

Cloudways is the odd one out on this list. It does not provide a VPS or even a cloud server. Instead, it procures servers from the likes of Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Front, Linode, Vultr and Kyup and configures the same for the application you want to install on it.

Unlike Server Pilot and others who provide Cloud Server Management services, you don't have to manage two accounts with Cloudways. Rather, you pay a fixed price to CloudWays that includes hosting server charges. That's probably the reason CloudWays does make it to the list.

Cloudways is known in the web hosting industry for their awesome support and is equally popular among bloggers as well as developers. Since with Cloudways, you get to host with several top cloud hosting companies, you get a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting a Data Center that is nearest to your target visitors.

You can get the most basic Digital Ocean server with 512 MB RAM starting just $7/month. However, CloudWays does not recommend using it for live websites.

The cheapest 1 GB RAM plan starts at $11/month for a Vultr server. On the higher end, you can have plans up to 160GB with Amazon Web Services. So no matter if you are a starter or manage a very high traffic website, there's a plan for everyone out there.

This year, during Black Friday And Cyber Monday. Cloudways will be offering flat 30$ discount for 3 months. You can use the Coupon Code BFCM18 to avail this offer. The CloudWays Black Friday deal will be live from 21 Nov 2018, and it will end on 29 November 2018.

However, this offer is suitable only for higher Cloudways plan and your discount will be less for the basic DO and Vultr plans. So, if you are planning to get the basic plans, you can use our exclusive discount coupon below.

Our Exclusive Cloudways Offer:

You can use our Exclusive Coupon Code BO10 to get $10 instant credit. This credit will be added only after you upgrade your plan by adding credit card. However, you will be charged for the first month only if your usage is beyond $10.

CloudWays Offer +Free TrialNo Credit Card Needed

5. Fastcomet VPS Deals

Fastcomet is relatively new to the Website Hosting industry. However, they have very quickly gained popularity. As of 2017, they have over 11,500 customers in 70 countries worldwide.

The best thing about Factomet is that they have 7 Data Centers that have been strategically located to make sure you can find one nearest to your target audience. The Data Center location includes Dallas and Chicago in the USA, London in the UK, Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Singapore in South Asia and Tokyo in Japan.

Among various products like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting, they also provide Fully Managed Cloud VPS. They have VPS plans starting from $59.95 per month and comes with 2GB RAM. Their highest VPS plan can get you 12GB of RAM.

There is a set-up fee of $19.95 if you enroll for a monthly plan. It is waived off for a 3 months plans. This is a bit odd considering these days set-up fees are usually waived off by the companies irrespective of the duration of the plan.

On the positive side, their renewal prices are not hiked. They also offer a free domain for as long as buy a hosting from them.

The Black Friday VPS Sale for Fastcomet will start on 21 November 2018 at 3 AM EST and will end on 26 November 2018 at 3 AM EST. As the Black Friday Sale ends the Cyber Monday sale will begin on 26 November 2018 at 3 AM EST and will end on 27 November 2018 at 3 AM EST.

During both the Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday sale, you can get 30% off on their VPS plans. To get this offer you can use the coupon code BFCLOUD during Black Friday VPS Sale and CMCLOUD during the Cyber Monday VPS Sale.

6. Turnkey Internet VPS Deals

Turnkey is a Newyork based web hosting company founded way back in the year 1999. They are one of the few hosting companies that own their data centers.

They provide several web hosting products including Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows), VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers as well as SEO Hosting. They also offer co-location space.

During the 2018 Black Friday VPS Sale, Turnkey Internet is offering up to 75% discount on their VPS plans. The basic plan starts at just $3.99/month with their T40 plan that comes with 4 CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM and 40 GB Disk space costing just $9.99/month.

Every Day Black Friday VPS Deals

While the above deals are awesome, there are some deals which you can get at heavy discounts throughout the year. I refer to these deals as Every Day Black Friday VPS Deals as you get Black Friday like offers every day.

I will add more deals to the list as and when I come across new deals.

1. Inmotion Hosting VPS Deals

Inmotion Hosting is a California Based Web Hosting company that has been around since 2001. It is one of the few employee owned companies and hence popular among the people seeking Non-EIG Companies.

Inmotion Hosting provides almost all the Web Hosting related products including Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed and Unmanaged VPS as well as Dedicated Server hosting. 

Inmotion Hosting is not offering any Black Friday VPS Deals this year. However, you can use the Special Inmotion Hosting Discounts available to the BloggerzArena readers.

Inmotion Hosting Special Offer For BloggerzArena

With our special offer, you can get Inmotion Hosting Unmanaged VPS at a price of $19.99/month for annual billing. The same is available at website at $21.04/month. 

As for Managed VPS, you can get it at $29.99/month as against the regular pricing of $31.34/month. Clicking on the button will activate discounts for all the products including Shared Hosting, Managed and UnManaged VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting as well as Reseller Hosting.

For more information on other offers, you can also check the details on the Inmotion Black Friday and Regular Deals page

Get Our Exclusive Inmotion Deals

2. Digital Ocean Cloud VPS Deal

Digital Ocean is a Cloud Hosting company headquartered at New York. It was found in the year 2011 and according to Netcraft, it overtook Amazon Web Services to be the world's fastest growing Cloud Hosting company.

Digital Ocean currently has data centers at 12 locations across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Although Digital Ocean is ideal for developers who have good can manage their own servers, off late it is starting to gain popularity among bloggers too as it allows one-click installation of WordPress.

That being said, SSL installation and other tasks which could be easily handled via a cPanel still require some fiddling with the command line.

If you are looking to start with Digital Ocean, you can use the link below to get a $100 instant credit to your Digital Ocean account upon adding your billing details to Digital Ocean. The validity of the credit is 2 months.

Final Words About Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals

Getting a good hosting for your website is important especially if you are a blogger or an online business owner. With the Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals, you can get VPS from the top companies at an affordable price. This will make sure you can get the best hosting without compromising on your budget.

15+ Black Friday Hosting Deals 2018 (And Regular Offers) - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Are you looking out for the Best Black Friday Hosting Deals For 2018? If that is a yes, your search should end here as in this post, I will be covering all the Black Friday Web Hosting deals as well as Cyber Monday hosting offers for the year 2018.

In addition, I will also provide you with some LIVE deals which includes exclusive deals for BloggerzArena readers as well as some lesser known regular deals. So without wasting any time, let us get straight to the deals. 

About Black Friday Hosting Deals

Black Friday is the time of the year when you get insane offers from all the major web hosting companies. Almost all hosting companies extend the sale up to Cyber Monday.

Most bloggers and small businesses make purchase during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale to get huge discounts and save money. Below are the top reasons you too should follow their suite.

Why To Get Web Hosting During Black Friday

Almost all the companies provide their best discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Your Annual hosting plan expires around the same time every year and so you get discounts every time.

If you are starting a new blog, along with hosting, you also get discounts on Themes and Plugins.

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2017, some of the Web Hosting companies provided discounts as high as 98%. So, you expect to get the best deals this year too.

What Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Do We Recommend?

Too many deals may get one confused. So if you too are confused as to what Black Friday Web Hosting offer to pick, check out our top recommendations for Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting as well as Dedicated Servers.

1. Black Friday And Cyber Monday Shared Hosting Deals

If you are just starting your website and looking out for shared hosting, we highly recommend you to get the A2 Hosting Black Friday Deal. A2 Hosting not only provides highly optimized servers, they also have a very good customer support.

Another host that we recommend is SiteGround. They are known in the web hosting industry for their awesome support. Although the pricing of the basic plan of SiteGround shared hosting is slightly higher than A2 Hosting, with the SiteGround Black Friday Deal you get a 70% discount and so for annual plans, the pricing of both A2 Hosting and SiteGround are almost similar.

Get SiteGround Deal

2. Black Friday Cloud Hosting And VPS Deals

If you are looking out for a Fully Managed Cloud VPS, Liquid Web Black Friday Deal can get you huge discounts. Liquid Web is one of the best VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting providers in the industry. Despite their quality products, they are very budget friendly if you are looking for a 4GB RAM or higher VPS Server.

The basic VPS plan with a 4GB RAM server starts at just $29.5/month for the first three months with the Liquid Web Black Friday Deal. After three months, the price will increase to $59/month.

However, if you are tight on budget or if you need a Cloud VPS with lower RAM, you can consider getting one from Cloudways. They provide procure and Manage Servers from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Their basic plan for 1GB RAM Digital Ocean server starts at just $10/month (Minimum $0.5/month extra for offsite backups). The best thing about Cloudways is, depending on the Cloud Hosting company you choose, you can scale up to 196 GB RAM server.

Get Cloudways Deal

3. Black Friday And Cyber Monday Dedicated Server Deals

For dedicated servers too we highly recommend going with Liquid Web. With the Black Friday Deals, you get up to 77% discount on their Dedicated Servers. 

The starting price for the Black Friday deal for dedicated server is just $79.5 for the first three months. After the first three months, the price will double up to $149/month. However, considering you are paying monthly, it still is one of the cheapest dedicated server plans with a 16 GB RAM server.

4. Black Friday Managed WordPress

If you're looking for Managed WordPress Hosting you can consider going with WP Engine which a is a premium Managed WordPress Hosting provider. However, they are not cheap.

If you are looking for a cheaper fully Managed WordPress Alternative, you can try WPX Hosting. Unlike WPEngine, there is no traffic restriction at WPX Hosting.

Also, although there is a restriction on Bandwidth, WPX Hosting support claims that they don't terminate the account or charge any overage. 

And of course, if we are looking for the cheapest option, you can always the Evergreen GoDaddy WordPress Hosting offer that can get you Managed WordPress Hosting for just $1/month.

Get WPX Deal

Get GoDaddy Deal

5. Black Friday Domain Deals

Namecheap provides insane discounts on Domain Names as well as Hosting every year. During the Black Friday Domain Deal of 2018, they offered a .com domain name for just $0.88/year.

Several other TLDs were available at a even lower price. Add to it, TLDs that support domain privacy came with a free WHOIS Guard. 

So Namecheap is hands down the best option if you are looking for Black Friday Domain Offers.

6. Black Friday SSL Certificate Deals

For SSL again, we are recommending Namecheap. You can get insane discounts on almost all SSL certificates. The Positive SSL certificates were available for just $0.88/year at Namecheap.

So, if you are looking to buy SSL Certificates on Black Friday, you should not look beyond Namecheap. And even beyond Black Friday, Namecheap is one of the cheapest options to buy SSL Certificate.

TIP: Namecheap offers free positive SSL with their hosting accounts. So, if you are planning to buy hosting from them, you don't need to buy SSL certificates.

Best Cyber Monday & Black Friday Hosting Deals 2018

Below are the best hosting deals from the top Web Hosting companies that you can grab this Black Friday.

1. A2 Hosting Black Friday Deals

A2 hosting is well-known in the web-hosting industry for their fast SSD based servers that will make your website load really fast. The fast server are backed by quick and decent customer support.

The basic Lite plan is quick and at par with any good hosting, if not better. However, their Turbo plan that comes with more server resources and A2 Optimized Turbo cache can make your website load faster than any other shared hosting company.

If you already have a website and planning to switch hosts, A2 hosting will also provide you free migration of your website. They also offer free website staging with all their plans. This is especially beneficial if you have a live site and you want to make sure your website looks perfect after the transfer before changing your DNS.

This Black Friday, A2 Hosting is offering Discount on their Shared Hosting, Managed and Core VP and also Reseller hosting. The A2 Hosting Black Friday sale will be active from 23rd November 2018 and will cover both Black Friday and Cybery Monday to end on 27th November 2017 CST time.

During this period you will able to get Shared Hosting as well as Managed WordPress Hosting at a discount of 67%. If you are looking to buy a VPS, you can get the Managed VPS as well as Core VPS at a discount of 50%. There is no discount on Unmanaged VPS.

There is also a discount of 50% on the Dedicated Servers. However, the discount will be applicable only on the Discount Servers category listed here. For Reseller hosting, the discount is a bit lower at 40%.

For all the above deals, Coupon codes will be automatically applied to your cart. Below are the details of the A2 Hosting Black Friday sale

Hosting Type


Coupon Code

Deal Link

Shared Hosting



Get The Deal

Managed WordPress



Get The Deal

Managed And Core VPS



Get The Deal

Dedicated Server



Get The Deal

Reseller Hosting



Get The Deal

2. Bluehost Black Friday Offer

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting companies in the web hosting industry. Several top bloggers use and recommend Bluehost. 

The reason most people hosting their blog on WordPress prefer Bluehost is because it is officially recommended by WordPress. So they have customer support that are specifically trained to handle WordPress related queries.

Though I am not a fan of any companies owned by the EIG brand, Bluehost being one of them, I must admit, a lot of people are using Bluehost without any problems.

During this year's Black Friday sale, Bluehost is offering their shared hosting starting $2.65 per month for 3 years plans. This is over 66% discount as compared to their original undiscounted prices.

Also, you can get WordPress Pro Hosting at a 30% Discount starting $16.95/month. For WooCommerce Hosting the discount is 57% and will start at $5.95/month.

You can also avail up to 50% discount on select domain names (.com, .org, .net, .co, .biz). The Black Friday sale will go live on 23 November 2018 at 12:01 AM MST and will end on 26 November 2018 at 11:59 MST.

Get The Bluehost Deal

Note: This page contains affiliate links that get us a commission. However, this does not add up to your buying price. In fact, in some cases, using our affiliate links you can unlock special offers that are available specially for our readers.

3. Cloudways Black Friday Coupon

Cloudways is relatively new to the web hosting industry. In fact, they are not exactly a web hosting company, as they do not have web hosting servers of their own. Cloudways rather helps you manage Cloud servers from Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, and Kyup.

Unlike Serverpilot and some other companies who are into server management services, Cloudways also procures servers from Digital Ocean on your behalf so you do not have to worry about managing two vendors.

CloudWays is very popular among professional web-developers. The main reason developers prefer Cloudways over other hosting companies is their ability to optimize the servers with best configuration.

Their technical expertise is backed up with an awesome customer support which is arguably the best in the hosting industry outshining several premium hosting companies that are twice as costly as Cloudways.

Like any other hosting company, Cloudways too offer special discounts during Black Friday Sale. This year's Black Friday Web hosting deal can get you 30% discount for 3 months.

You can avail this offer during 21 November 2018 to 29 November 2018. This deal is not idea for the basic 1GB RAM plan of Digital Ocean and Vultr as the total discounts over 3 months sums up to less than $10. If you are looking to go with these basic plans, you can use our Exclusive Coupon Code below.

Cloudways Exclusive Coupon Code

At Cloudways you can use our exclusive Coupon Code BO10 that can get you $10 instant credit. Unlike the Cloudways Black Friday Hosting Deal, with this coupon you get instant credit which you can use all at once in a single month.

Get The CloudWays Deal

4. Fastcomet Black Friday Hosting Deal

Fast Comet is among the latest entrants to the web hosting industry that have drawn some good reviews.They provide Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated server hosting.

The best thing about Fast Comet is their strategically located data centers that makes sure you will find a data center close to your target audience. In the case, you have a global audience, you can set up the CloudFlare CDN right from your cPanel.

Unlike several other hosting companies, FastComet does not shoot up their pricing while renewing your hosting. So it does turn out to be a very cheap option in the long run. Of course, the Black Friday Hosting Deals will bring down the pricing of FastComet plans below the regular pricing and hence the renewal will be at regular undiscounted price.

The Fastcomet Black Friday Sale for 2018 will start on 21 November 2018 3 am EST and will end 26 November 2018 3 am EST.  The Fastcomet Cyber Monday Sale will begin immediately after the Black Friday Sale ends on 26 November 2018 at 3 am EST and will end on 28 November 2018 3 am EST. 

During this period, you can avail 30% discount on Shared Hosting, VPS as well as Dedicated Servers. Below are the coupons codes for the event.

1. Black Friday Sale: BFSALE30 for Shared Hosting and BFCLOUD for VPS and Dedicated Servers

2. Cyber Monday Sale: CMSALE30 for Shared Hosting and CMCLOUD for VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Get The Fast Comet Deals

5. Flywheel Black Friday Web Hosting Deal

Flywheel is a premium hosting company that offers only Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. Started in the year 2012, they primarily focus to provide web hosting services for Web Designers and developers who want to build their website on WordPress.

So, if you are a web developer or a designer, you can expect some really useful features designed for you. With Flywheel you get a temporary domain name for building your website. You can also create a blueprint of a WordPress installation with all the plugins and themes so that you don't have to start from scratch for every new website.

Also, if you are a designer, you can provide access to a developer or vice versa. Billing too can be transferred to the client if you do not want to pay for it.

The Flywheel Black Friday Hosting Sale will start on 23 November 2018 and will run for a week to end on 30 November 2018. During this period,  Flywheel is offering 3 Months of free hosting with their Annual Plan.

To avail this special offer, you can use the coupon code FLYDAY18

6. Hostgator Black Friday Hosting Offer

Hostgator is another popular hosting company owned by EIG group. Like Bluehost, it is being widely recommended by top Bloggers. Again, to be fair to my readers, I've heard some very negative reviews about Hostgator.

However, since I have never used their services, I may not be the right person to comment on it. I personally will never use Hostgator because of their negative reviews.

If you still want to buy hosting from Hostgator, you can go ahead and avail their Black Friday Hosting offer which is available at throwaway prices.

Hostgator is offering discounts ranging from 65% to 70% this Black Friday. The sale will start on 22 Nov 2018 at 12 am CST and will continue till 26 Nov 2018 at 23:59 hours CST.

The regular discount during the period will be 65% off their regular price. However, Hostgator will be running flash sales at regular intervals each day during which the discounts will be increased to 70%.

Below is the schedule of the flash sale. You can get the coupon codes at their website.


Sale Time



Deal Link

All Day

Up To 65% off
$5.99 Select Domains

From 22 Nov 2018
26 Nov 2018

Get The Deal

12 am (Midnight)

Up To 70% off
$2.99 Select Domains

10 am

2 pm

5 pm

The discount applies on all their Shared Hosting. There is no discount on VPS and Dedicated Servers. If you are looking for VPS And Dedicated Servers, you can consider getting the Liquid Web offers.

Get The Hostgator Deal

Note: This page contains affiliate links that get us a commission. However, this does not add up to your buying price. In fact, in some cases, using our affiliate links you can unlock special offers that are available specially for our readers.

7. Hostinger Black Friday Hosting Deal

Hostinger is relatively new to the web hosting fraternity. However, as per the company's claim, they are adding up 15,000 new accounts each day making them one of the fastest growing web hosting companies.

Hostinger offers several web hosting products including Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. They also offer domain registrations at affordable pricing as well as have their own website builder.

Unlike other hosting companies, Hostinger does not offer a cPanel with their shared hosting products. Rather, they offer a custom build panel they have names as hPanel. 

As per Hostinger, this control panel is very light weight as compared to the traditional cPanel and is easy to use. Though the hPanel provides the basic functionality that most people, especially the starters might need, it does miss out on several features of the cPanel.

At Hostinger, the Black Friday Hosting Sale of 2018 will go live on 12 November 2018 and will end on 3 December 2018 (GMT).

During this period, Hostinger will be offering up to 90% discount on their shared hosting plans. You can also get discounts of up to 78% on Cloud Hosting and up to 70% on VPS Hosting.

With the above offers, the price of Single Shared Hosting Plan will be reduced to $0.8 if you choose billing period of 4 years. So, at just $39.4 you can get a hosting for your blog for the next 4 years. This is by far the cheapest deal.

The Cloud Hosting too will start at just $7.45/month with a 48 month billing period. As for VPS hosting, there is no special Black Friday discount and it will be available at the regular price of $3.95/month for the 4 year billing cycle.

Get The Hostinger Deal

8. Host Winds Black Friday Deal

Host Winds is a US based hosting company that started operations in 2010.  Being a relatively newer entrant in the web hosting space, is not as widely known as other companies on this list. 

Hostwinds offers a variety of Web Hosting Products including Shared Hosting, Business Hosting (Uses Shared Environment), Cloud Hosting, Managed and Unmanaged VPS, Dedicated Servers as well as Reseller Hosting. They also provide other related products including Domain Names, SSL Certificates and VPN.

Hostwinds focuses on providing hosting products at a cheaper price. Their shared hosting product is priced at $6.99/month which they usually sell for $3.29/month for annual billing. Even their Managed VPS and Dedicated servers are sold at a very reasonable pricing. 

The Hostwinds Black Friday deal is likely to bring down the pricing even lower. Hostings is yet to announce their Black Friday Web Hosting deals. We will update this section as and when the deals are announced.

9. Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deal

Inmotion Hosting is another relative lesser known hosting company which has been in the business since 2001. Though it offers quality hosting products at affordable prices, it has been largely overshadowed by the likes of SiteGround, GoDaddy, Bluehost and even Hostgator which are being heavily promoted by bloggers.

The best thing amount Inmotion Hosting that they offer Skype Support feature which enables you to quickly connect with their support team irrespective of your geographic location.

InMotion hosting primarily targets clients from the United States. This is evident from their marketing strategy which clearly highlights that they have data centers on the East Coast as well as West Coast of the United States. So if you are from the US, Inmotion hosting is the perfect choice for you

During the Black Friday Hosting Deal of 2018, Inmotion hosting is offering up to 63% discount on Business Hosting (Shared Hosting). With the discounts, you can get the Launch Plan of the Inmotion Business Hosting for just $2.95/month.

The Power and Pro plan of Business hosting will be available for $4.49/month and $7.49/month respectively. The Black Friday is not available for other Inmotion Hosting products.

Activate Inmotion Black Friday Deal

Inmotion Hosting Regular Offer (Special Rates) 

If you do not want to wait till Black Friday, you could avail the special offer that Inmotion Hosting provides to BloggerzArena Readers. With this offer you can get you up to 50% discount on their shared hosting plans. 

For Managed WordPress Hosting, the discount is 37%. You can also get up to 55% discount on Full-Managed as well as Self-Managed VPS Hositng

10. Interserver Black Friday Web Hosting Offer

Interserver is another lesser known web hosting provider which provides awesome products at affordable price. They are one of the few web hosting companies which are not owned by EIG or GoDaddy.

Unlike other web hosting companies, Interserver does not overload their server with too many accounts. According to the company, they use their servers only to 50% capacity. So, in case of sudden traffic spikes, your website has extra resources at disposal and hence it can safely handle the traffic without crashing.

The best thing about Interserver is their price lock guarantee. The price at which you register their hosting will be locked till the time you host with them. This, even if in future they decide to hike their hosting prices.

Like others, Interserver too offers special Black Friday Web Hosting discounts. This Black Friday, Interserver is offering 50% Flat discount on their shared hosting plan.

With this discount you can get their shared hosting for just $2.5/month with month-to-month billing. For annual billing price will be further discounted to $27/year.

The best part is, the above price will come with price lock guarantee. This means that you will continue to get the above price till the time you continue to host with them. This, even if company hikes their original price.

Interserver Special Offer For BloggerzArena Readers

At Interserver, you can use our exclusive Coupon code BA1CENT to get first month of shared hosting as well as VPS Hosting for just 1 cent. This offer can be availed along with the Black Friday Hosting Offer.

If you choose this offer during the Black Friday Hosting Sale, you will pay 1 cent for the first month. From the second month onwards you will pay the discounted price of $2.5/month

Get The Interserver Deal

11. Liquid Web Black Friday Deal

Liquid web is another company which is known to provide quality Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated hosting servers at an affordable price tag. Recently they have discontinued their shared hosting services to focus solely on VPS and Dedicated hosting business.

The best thing about Liquid Web is that they own all their data centers and their "Sonar Monitoring Team" will detect and troubleshoot any issues even before you notice it.

The Liquid Web Black Friday sale is currently live. Although, the end date of the sale is not yet confirmed but it expected to run through the month of November as well as December.

During this period you can get flat 33% on their Specially upgraded VPS plan. You can however get additional regular discount of 50% for the first 3 months using the coupon code FASTVPS50. So, the overall discount turns out to be 67%

For dedicated hosting, the discounts are upto 66% on specially upgraded Intel Xeon E3-1230 V6 Servers. Like in the case of VPS, you can use a regular discount coupon DEDI38 to get additional discount 38% for 4 months. This increases the discount to 79%

Liquid Web is also offering a discount of 50% for the first 6 months for Managed WordPress Hosting. This makes Liquid Web Manged WordPress way cheaper than WP Engine. 

Get Dedicated Server 

Get Managed WP

Liquid Web Special Offers (Regular Deals)

If you don't want to wait till Black Friday, you can also choose to get the Regular Liquid Web Offers which can get you up to 66% discount. The discount varies for different products.

You can visit the below link to get all the details of the Liquid Web Black Friday Offers as well as Liquid Web Regular offers 

12. Namecheap Black Friday Hosting Deal

Namecheap is known in the web hosting industry for domain registrations. However, few people know that they do provide good solid hosting products.

As the name suggests, their hosting products are cheap even without discounts. However, their products are certainly not of cheap quality. They provide solid hosting with good customer support.

Last year, Namecheap shook the web hosting industry by offering the Best Black Friday Web Hosting discount ever offered by any Web Hosting company.

They offered discounts up to 91% on web hosting in their hourly flash sales. Their basic hosting offer was sold at just $0.88 per year. Well, that's not a typing error, indeed the price was less than $1 per year. The discounts on some domain extensions were even higher at 98%. Even the related products like SSL were available for similar pricing.

Going by their previous year's success, I am expecting them to have a similar kind of offer this year. This year Namecheap will be running the Namecheap Black Friday Sale only for 24 hours on 23 November 2018 and although not announced yet, but expect the Namecheap Cyber Monday Sale for 24 hours on 26 November 2018.

However, like the previous year, Namecheap has not disclosed any offers. In fact they don't even disclose it on the day of Black Friday. Rather, they only show the current offer and the offer for the next hourly flash sale.

They probably do this to create an element of surprise. But that means you have to keep checking their website at regular intervals

13. SiteGround Black Friday Sale

SiteGround is well-known in the web hosting industry for their awesome customer support. Like Bluehost, they are also officially recommended by WordPress. 

Like A2 hosting, SiteGround also provides SSD based servers. Though Siteground may not be as fast as A2 hosting, it is certainly faster than some other competitors. 

SiteGround offers Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Although I am not a fan of Joomla, if you need it, SiteGround also offers Joomla Hosting. It is one of the very few hosting companies for which negative reviews are hard to find.

For this year's Black Friday Sale, SiteGround is offering Up to 75% discount on all their shared hosting products. The SiteGround Black Friday sale will go live on Friday, November 23, 2018 at 00:00 A.M. CET and  will end on Tuesday, November 26, 2018 at 09:00 A.M. CET

Unfortunately, the sale is not extended to their other products. So if you are planning for Cloud Services, you can consider CloudWays and for Reseller Hosting, you can consider getting the A2 Hosting Black Friday offer

Get The SiteGround Deal

14. Turnkey Internet Black Friday Deal

Turnkey Internet is a New York based Web Hosting company founded by Adam Wills in the year 1999. As per the official website, they have over 13,000 clients in over 100 countries.

Their data centers are located at Albany, New York as well as California, Los Angeles. They are one of the few hosting companies that own their data centers. So, you can expect a quicker resolution if any issue arises.

They are rate A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This makes them one of the most reliable hosting companies in the US.

Turnkey Internet provides several hosting products including Linux Shared Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Reseller Hositng as well as SEO Hosting. They also provide Co-location services in their data centers.

Their hosting products come with an affordable price tag and the Black Friday Hosting Deal make it even more better. The Turnkey Internet Black Friday Deal is currently live, so you can grab some awesome discounts from them.

During the Black Friday Hosting Sale of 2018, Turnkey Internet is offering up to 90% discount on Shared Hosting products with plans starting just $1/month. As for VPS, the discounts are up to 75% with the cheapest plan available at $3.99/month.

However, it's their dedicated servers that provide the maximum discounts reaching up to 95%. You can grab a dedicated server from Turnkey Internet for as low as $29/month during the Black Friday Sale.

14. WP Engine Black Friday Deal

WP Engine provides premium Managed WordPress products. They are not cheap by any means and cater to only people who are concerned about quality products along with near perfect customer support.

Their support team is specially trained to troubleshoot issues related to WordPress. So if you do not mind spending few extra bucks to get the peace of mind, WP Engine would be the perfect choice for you.

For the year 2018, WPEngine is offering a discount of 35% during the WPEngine Black Friday sale. This turns out to be Whopping $1015 off their Annual Scale hosting plan. The Discounts are applicable only on Startup, Growth and Scale plans and only for new customers. 

The WPEngine Black Friday sale will be running for a week starting on 22nd November 2018 and cover both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to end on 26th November 2018.

Get The WPEngine Deals

WP Engine Regular Offer

WP Engine also offers a regular discount of 20% on your first payment. So if you missed the Black Friday Web Hosting Deals or can't wait long enough, you can use the below link to get the special discount.

15. WPX Hosting Black Friday Offer

WPX Hosting was launched as Traffic Planet Hosting by Terry Kyle. Like WPENgine, it is a Premium Managed WordPress Hosting provider, that focuses on quality over pricing.

Since WPX Hosting only offers Managed WordPress Hosting, their servers are fine-tuned for giving the best performance for a WordPress Website. And the result is their incredibly fast page load times.

Their customer support too is trained to handle WordPress Specific issues. So, if you get stuck with a problem related to WordPress, you can safely contact their support to help you troubleshoot the same.

During the Black Friday Hosting Sale of 2018, WPX Hosting will be offering  two different plans depending on whether you would like to go with monthly billing or annual billing.  Below are the details of all both the plans

1. Monthly Plans - 95% Discount

If you are someone who does not like to pay upfront for a full year of web Hosting, you can grab a 95% Discount on your first month's bill. This offer is applicable on all the plans so you can save up to $94 dollar on your first payment.

You can use the below link to visit WPX Hosting Page. No coupon code is required to activate the offer. Just make sure to select the monthly billing duration.

2. Annual Plans: 3 Months For Free

If you'd like to be with WPX Hosting for a longer period of time, you can pay for 9 months and get a year's hosting. This means you get 3 months hosting absolutely free.

Again no coupon codes are required to get the offer. But make sure to switch to Yearly billing at the top of the pricing table to avail this offer.

Get The WPX Hosting Deals

WPX Hosting Regular Offers

WPX Hosting also offers steep discounts throughout the year. So, if you do not want to wait till Black Friday or if you missed the awesome Black Friday Hosting Deal, you can use the Exclusive Coupon Code WHB50 to get a 50% discount on any of their hosting plans.

Alternately, if you want to go with their Business Hosting plan, you can use the coupon code WPX-ROCKS-UK to get the first month for just $1. However, make sure to select the monthly billing period to avail either of the above regular offers.

Regular Web Hosting Deals

Below are some companies who are not participating in the Black Friday Sale but provide awesome offers throughout the year.

16. Dreamhost Special Offer

Dreamhost provides quality hosting products at affordable rates. They offer a wide range of products including Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Managed VPS and Managed WordPress.

So whether you are a beginner or already managing high traffic websites, they have a plan that will fulfill your requirements. Their shared hosting plans are a bit costlier compared to other hosting companies. However, they have fewer restrictions with regards to server resources.

I tried to reach out to Dreamhost regarding their Black Friday offers. However, they refused to disclose the same. Although  the communication with them did suggest that they will coming up with some offers, I am still not sure about it. That's the reason I've not included it in the list on Black Friday Deals.

Meanwhile, it does make to my list of Evergreen deals is because, if you are looking to buy their shared hosting, you can get a Special $50 Discount on their Annual shared hosting plan. So you get the annual shared hosting plan for just $69.4 or $5.78/month. You can avail the offer by clicking on the below button

17. GoDaddy Hosting And Domain Deals

GoDaddy is the World's largest domain registrar and one of the oldest and most popular web hosting companies. They are the first choice of new bloggers because of their hard-to-beat prices for hosting as well as a domain name.

Even I started my blogging career with GoDaddy and used their services without any issues. And to be fair, I never faced any major issue with their hosting, though my blog started getting popular within few month

Although most bloggers claim to provide GoDaddy Black Friday Deals, they are all fake. GoDaddy does not offer any special Black Friday Hosting Deals. However, what they advertise as Black Friday Hosting offer are actually regular GoDaddy Offers.

With these GoDaddy Offers, you can buy GoDaddy Economy Web Hosting that comes with a price tag of $7.99/month for just $1/month with Annual Billing. This is massive Discount of Over 87%.

If this discount was not enough. you also get a Free Domain name for first year. At the time of writing this article, GoDaddy is also offering Free Business or Microsoft 365 Email for the first year. All this further adds to the above discount and is definitely better than most other Black Friday Hosting Deals.

You might not have come across this is a special offer. GoDaddy usually sells the Economy Hosting plan for $3.99/month to regular website visitors. To activate this offer, you can click the button below. 

If Linux Web hosting is not you thing and you are looking for Managed WordPress solutions, you can also get the Basic GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hositng plan for just $1/month.

Like the Linux Hosting offer, you get a free domain as well as a free Email (Either Microsoft 365 Email or GoDaddy Business Email) for free with this offer. 

This plan allows up to 25,000 visitors. A similar plan on WPEngine will cost you $29/month without the Black Friday offer. That will give you an idea about how good is this offer from GoDaddy.

Like Economy Linux Hosting offer, the $1 Managed WordPress Hositng offer is a special offer which is otherwise sold at $5.99 to regular website visitors. You can click the below button to activate the offer.

If you don't need a hosting and want to just buy a domain name at cheap rates, GoDaddy gives you a .com TLD domain name for just $0.99 for first year. ICANN fees would be extra.

This is usually sold at $11.99 for the first year to regular website visitors. Clicking the below button will activate the special offer for you.

Important Note:

The pricing may be different for each of the above products if you are from a country other than US and GoDaddy supports your local currency. For example, for Economy Web Hosting, the pricing is AUD 1 in Australia, CAD 1 in Canada and INR 99 in India.

The last clicked offer will be activated by default. So if you are clicking on $1 Economy Hosting offer and then clicking on $0.99 domain offer, the Economy hosting offer will not be available unless you click on the link again.

Other Black Friday Offers (Details)

Running a successful website is not just about getting a Web Hosting or a domain name. To make your blog visually appealing, you need good SEO friendly themes. For enhancing your WordPress functionality and make it more SEO friendly and secure, you need plugins. And, of course, you need Email marketing software to send out newsletters.

So let us find out some other awesome Black Friday Deals that you must grab to grow your website.

1. Genesis Studiopress Themes

Genesis themes need no introduction. They are considered to be one of the best and the most SEO friendly themes. Several top bloggers use and recommend Genesis themes.

The best thing about Genesis themes is that they offer Lifetime update and support for all the themes you buy from them. Add to it, the theme license allows you to use it on your client's website without any restriction.

This Black Friday,  Studiopress is offering a flat discount of 25% on all Genesis themes to  thenew customers. For existing customers, the discount is double at 50%. The StudioPress Black Friday Sale will begin on November 21, 2017 and will end on November 28, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

2. MyThemeShop

MyThemeShop is another theme and plugins provider that is very popular. They have over 100 themes and over 30 plugins that are being used by more than 390K users worldwide.

With this year's Mythemeshop Black Friday Deal, you can get their yealyr membership with 20 domain license for just $99.47. The membership includes access to 100+ themes and 18 premium plugins.

The original price of the whole package is over $8900. Along with that, you will also get complimentary trial access to several useful tools, validity of trial varying across the tools. 

This is definitely a not-to-miss offer if you are looking to purchase Themes or plugins anytime soon. For the price less than that of 2 themes, you are getting 100+ themes and 18 plugins.

To grab the deal visit MyThemeShop offer page by clicking the below button. Offer is valid till 24th of November 2018.

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is another very popular Email Marketing Service provider. They provide some very advanced Marketing features including in-built basic CRM and ability to integrate with Salesforce CRM for larger organisations.

They also provide free landing pages that you can edit using their easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. You can get Email Automation including autoresponders with all of their plans

This year, GetResponse is providing massive discounts with their Black Friday sale. You can get up to 40% discount on the first 1000 accounts for lifetime.

The Black Friday discount for all the plans is 15% irrespective of the duration of billing. However, since the Annual and biennial plans are already discounted at 15% and 30% respectively, you get up to 40% discounts on the biennial plan.

Get GetResponse Deal

Final Words

With the Best Black Friday Web Hosting deals, you can buy hosting servers at throw away prices. Most bloggers make a purchase during this time of the year to get huge discounts.

If you too are planning to start a new blog or planning to switch from Blogger To WordPress or want to switch hosting companies, this is the best time for you.

If, however, you want to upgrade from a shared hosting to a VPS, you can check our Black Friday VPS Deals. For dedicated servers you can try Black Friday Dedicated Server Deals

How to Bypass Windows AppLocker - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Hello, today we will talk about Applocker bypass techniques in a Windows environment. What is Applocker, how does it protect systems, and more importantly, how to bypass this security feature. So many issues to tackle in this article!

What is Applocker?

Applocker is a software whitelisting tool introduced by Microsoft starting from Windows Vista/Seven/2008 in order to restrict standard users to only execute specific applications on the system. e.g.: “Alice can run explorer.exe, Bob, however, cannot!”
If you are conducting penetration tests, you will likely find Applocker on very sensitive machines: industrial computers, ATM, business workstations, etc.

How does it work?

To activate Applocker on your testing machine, start the Application Identityservice (Administrative Tool -> Services), then open the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc on a local machine or gpmc.msc on a domain controller). Browse to “Application Control Policies” in “Security Settings”:

Click on “Configure Rule Enforcement” to choose which kind of filtering to perform. As you can see, Applocker covers five types of applications:
  • These are regular .exe and .com applications (cmd.exe, ipconfig.exe, etc.)
  • Windows Installer files (.msi, .msp, .mst), typically used to install a new software on the machine.
  • Script files with the following extensions .ps1, .vbs, .vba, .cmd and .js.
  • Packaged Apps installed through the Microsoft Store
  • DLL files (.dll and .ocx in the advanced tab).
In this tutorial, we will solely talk about the most commonly deployed restrictions in real world environments that is rules on executables, installers and scripts.
For each of the five categories mentioned above, we can define rules governing their usage based three criteria:
  • Execution path: e.g. default Applocker rules allow any executable and script present in “C:\Windows” and “C:\Program Files”. It must do so – at least for some programs – otherwise the system will have trouble booting.

  • Publisher information: some executables (Windows binaries for instance) are signed using the vendor’s public key. Applocker can rely on this information to deny/allow executables to run. This feature is rarely used.
  • File hash: Applocker stores MD5 hashes of allowed (or forbidden) files. Every time a program runs, Applocker checks its MD5 and decides accordingly. These rules can consume a good deal of memory, so they are mostly used to forbid some “dangerous” executables.
This might seem like a lot of knobs to tweak. It is. Configuring Applocker is not for the faint of heart. To make this tutorial most interesting, we will start with a basic configuration and harden it as we improve our hacking skills. Let’s get started!

Naive Setup

Say an admin sets up the default Applocker rules only: no standard user is allowed to run files (executable, installer or script) outside of the classic “C:\Windows” and “C:\Program files” folders. How to run say a meterpreter.exe on the machine with a standard account i.e. no admin privileges on the box?
One way to go is to search for default allowed folders with write access. The idea is to copy the executable into an allowed folder, then launch it from there. Straight forward. Doing it manually can take a bit of time, so how about an automated PowerShell script?
The execution path restriction also applies to scripts in this case, so we need to be crafty about this. First, we load the script’s content using the Get-Content command, convert it to a string then forward it to the Invoke-Expression command which executes it, no questions asked!

On a default Windows installation, “C:\Windows\Tasks” and “C:\Windows\tracing” usually pop up as being writable by everyone! Copying our executable (mimikatz.exe, meterpreter.exe, etc.) there for instance bypasses default Applocker lockdown:

One might argue, quite correctly, that .exe files are over-rated and that we can perform all attacks with native Windows’ most powerful tool PowerShell. That’s very true and by using Invoke-Expression we bypass any execution path restriction. Yet, there are some cases when we need to run a simple exe file because it is that simple: a recompiled malware, custom tool, etc.
If we can’t find a writable directory allowed in Applocker, we need to resort to other means to run executables. One such method is to load the .exe file in memory, then launch it by jumping to its entry point. No execution path, no Applocker rule triggered!
We first store the executable, mimikatz.exe in this case, in a PowerShell variable:
PS > $ByteArray = [System.IO.File]::ReadAllBytes("C:\users\richard\desktop\mimikatz.exe");
Then use the Invoke-ReflectivePEInjectionfunction from the PowerSploit framework to load it in memory and jump to its entry point.
PS > Invoke-expression(Get-Content .\Invoke-ReflectivePEInjection.ps1 |out-string)

PS > Invoke-ReflectivePEInjection -PEBytes $ByteArray

We can thus effectively bypass any Applocker rule based on Execution paths.

Tightening the grip

Our savvy admin knows its configuration has a few holes. He tightens the grip a bit further by restricting access to basic Microsoft tools like cmd.exe and PowerShell.exe.
We cannot use custom scripts (.cmd, .js or .vbs scripts) to execute code because they are only allowed to run from restricted folders (previous rules). But, remember the main issue with blacklists: we always miss something!
In this case for instance, the admin denied classic Windows 64-bit tools but totally forgot about 32-bit files in the “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\” folder. To execute PowerShell for instance, we simply run it from that folder.

Once we have access to a PowerShell prompt we can load executables and scripts in memory and execute them as we saw earlier.
Moreover, performing a search for powershell.exe across the system usually yields other versions of this file may have a different hash from the one banned by Applocker:
Say the admin tracks and blacklists every instance of powershell.exe, powershell_ise.exe, cmd.exe… are we done? Not quite. There are other means to execute code on Windows. Remote Procedure Calls for instance provide alternative ways to interacting with the system without using classic command line tools. The utility “C:\Windows\System32\wbem\wmic.exe” can be used to perform such actions.
Sure we cannot spawn a PowerShell prompt through WMIC, but it still offers an environment to get interesting information about the system in order to perform a privilege escalation:
You can find a complete list of WMI commands at the following link.

Locked down

Our admin grew tired of legit Microsoft tools used in such an evil way so he blocked all the previously mentioned binaries (and some more) to completely lock down the system. No more cmd.exe, powershell.exe, wmic.exe, etc. That seems like a bit of a pickle, but let’s go back to the basics for a second. AppLocker recognizes powershell.exe based on the hash of the file. Which means if we grab a copy of powershell.exe with a different hash, we win! We cannot take an executable (extension .exe) because these files are only allowed to be launched from legitimate windows folders. Never mind, we have other PE type files we can use: DLL files! We can find for instance a DLL implementation of PowerShell at the following URL.
We download it to a random folder, then launch it using the C:\windows\system32\rundll32.exeutility. To execute a DLL, we give it the name of the DLL and its entry point function, in this case the main function: rundll32.exe PowerShdll.dll,main
Perfect! We can now run any executable/script we want.


Obviously, the conclusion is to apply protection on DLL files as well as executables. That’s entirely true, however, it requires a lot more work to identify all legitimate DLLs used by business applications on the machine. Not to mention the notable decrease in performance caused by such a systematic check each time any program loads a DLL! We can find ways to thwart DLL whitelisting using the same spirit as the tricks outlined in the above chapters, but that will be the subject of a future article. Until then, hack safely!
[box type=”bio”] Written by Sparc Flow. He is a security researcher and author of the books How to Hack Like a P*rnstar and How to Hack a Fashion Brand.”[/box]