Friday, 17 November 2017

Best Top 5 Facebook Simple Tricks

Facebook the worlds best social networking site no doubt it.Facebook is the largest social media network with 1.23 billion active users every month and it is available in 70 languages throughout the world.We use facebook in daily life. We chat with our friends,share pictures,share videos,comments and many more…to make facebooking more interesting  we can use many tricks in faebook.We always wanna new with our Facebook. Here i am also providing link how can you hack Facebook and How Can you secure your Facebook.So sit down and check this out.

1. Hack a Facebook Via Desktop Phishing

Desktop Phishing basically this is a Facebook Hacking Trick that used by hackers to hack FB Hack Account .So help with this trick you can hack Fb account .When you know this trick how it works ,so no one can hack your FB account . Here I provide this trick for educational purpose only.
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Hack a Facebook via a Desktop Phishing

2.Hack FB account via a Tabnapping 

 Tabnapping is a new form of phishing that is hitting the internet now. With the conventional form of phishing, for example, you might receive an email that is supposedly from your bank, and it might ask you to login and update or confirm your account details, of course, there would be a link to your banks website in the email for you to click, which would take you to a page that looks identical to your real banks login page.
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3. Hide Seen in Facebook

Hide seen in Facebook is a tipical problem.In facebook when you read messsage the seen button shows that your friends ,you read the message .So if you wanna get rid off it try this.Try Facebook Unseen Extension.This extension is avalible for Google Chrome Browser.
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Hide Seen in Facebook

4. Download all Facebook Data Backup of Entire FB life

Facebook is our Social Life . Everybody want backup of your life so its not possible  but backup of your FB Social Life is Possible.
There are billions of people having their account active on Facebook and the number increases day by day. Do you know how Facebook attained such fame? Only Mark and his team know the secret. The entire concept behind Facebook is simple, just interaction; it made people to communicate better.
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5. Free Phone Call With Facebook Android Messanger Any Facebook User

Now a Free call avalible in India with Facebook Messanger .

Chat session is off call session is on.
 Facebook is bringing free VoIP calling to users of its Home and Android Messenger apps in the all world. The social network's VoIP for Android and IOS has been available in US for a few months now, and Android users are already enjoying the service in 23 other countries. Stateside, the VoIP for Android will roll out over the course of the day, and it shouldn't require a manual update.

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