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Most of us know the world of hackers to be comprised of men who with their profound computer knowledge have created deadly viruses and have stolen millions of dollars worth of money and data. Women are often regarded as being less informed about computers and technology and are hence brushed aside to be capable hackers.
5 Female Hackers
5 Female Hackers

Female Hackers

Most Sexiest Girl Hackers

This list debunks this myth to showcase the top 5 female hackers of all time, who not only know their domain very well but are also very sexy.
1. Kristina Svechinskaya
Kristina Svechinskaya
A Russian citizen, Kristina was a student at The New York University and is known to be a money mule hacker. Kristina apparently attempted to defraud several British and U.S. banks of millions of dollars using a Trojan horse. Will collective team efforts, she amassed a sum of more than $3 million by opening false bank accounts and using fake passports.
Kristina Svechinskaya Hacker
Kristina was arrested in 2011 but released after signing a bond and paying $25,000 as bail. Had she been convicted, she could have been imprisoned for more than 40 years.
2. Ying Cracker
Ying Cracker
Ying Cracker is a slightly different breed of hackers compared to the rest of the clan. She has never been embroiled in any illegal or unethical work but neither is her work exactly clean either. Ying calls herself an educator and regularly conducts workshops, trainings and classes on hacking. Ying is a hottie, who believes that hacking is a useful skill and tries to teach as many people as possible, the core basics of hacking.
Ying Cracker Hacker
She currently makes tailor made software for corporations that helps them understand on how to protect their data better and also offers herself for hire to hack into any software for a fee. Talk about being open and blunt female hacker!
3. Raven Adler
Raven Adler
Ravel Alder is often said to be one of the most gifted and intelligent hackers who is trying to use her education to good use. She was the first female hackers to give a presentation at DefCon, one of the worlds most prestigious gatherings of hackers. She currently helps corporations in protecting their data and other sensitive information. She is a consultant, lecturer and author who deals in hacking and computer security.
4. Adeanna Cooke
Adeanna Cook
If there is someone who needs to top this list then it has to be Adeanna Cooke .One look at this female hacker and you would know exactly what I mean. Cooke is a well established model who has often featured in Playboy magazines and has intelligently used her knowledge of hacking to boost her modeling career. She self-taught herself about hacking and used this to remove all illegal photographs of herself from the internet that were being used by her previous long-time partner in making money. This act of hers gained a lot of internet attention and she now helps her fellow models to remove unauthorized images from websites that are making money off their photographs.
5. Kim Vanvaeck
Kim Vanvaeck
Many of the female hackers are known for their positive work towards computer security, however, Kim is an exception. Also known as Gigabyte, the Belgium national is known for creating many high end viruses that target hardwares and subsequently destroy sensitive information. Aged 14 when she wrote her first virus, Kim wrote those viruses not to gain money but to cement her position in the group of hackers that are dominated by men. She wanted to prove to the world that women too can write viruses and can be dangerous hackers, unlike what the world knows it to be. Her virus, Sharp, is credited to being the first virus ever written in C Sharp.
Kim Vanvaeck Hacker
Vanvaeck was later arrested when she was aged 17 but was out on bail in 24 hours due to her minor status. She is currently facing charges that could lead her to a prison sentence of 3 years and a fine exceeding 100,00 euros.

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