Thursday, 11 January 2018


Generally, normal browsers cannot open the Darknet websites whose top level domains are .onion because they are not normal domain names, but a string of random characters followed with .onion. These domain names are created by Onion when you host your anonymous websites using the Onion or Tor network. Thus, the DNS servers do not have a clue of what they are and you will get a site not found error if you try to access one of the websites in the Darknet. Only the Onion servers know how to resolve these domain names.
The best and recommended way to access darknet is by Tor Bundle.
But there is an another way to access darknet by diverting your traffic through Tor anonymity network. We will use a tool named Tallow .
Download Tallow , Hit the Tor Onion and you’re good to go.  Open any web brower and enter any .onion URL and you will be redirected to the website
You can see a .onion website accessed through Internet Explorer.

But beware! Unlike the TorBrowserBundle, Tallow does not make any attempt to anonymize content sent though the Tor network. This may include cookies or other information that can identify you.

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