Thursday, 1 March 2018

Learning the Network Packet Delivery Process From Scratch

Learning the Network Packet Delivery Process – Join Mark Jacob for an exploration of packet-delivery topics like understanding port numbers, establishing a TCP session, and exploring basic IP routing.
Learning the Network Packet Delivery Process - NetWork Administration, IT and Hardware, IT, ip packet delivery
He’ll help you understand the function of routing, and what a media access control (MAC) address really is. Plus, learn about modifying packet information with network address translation (NAT) and managing traffic using access control lists (ACLs).
The process starts with applications trying to communicate to the network by using IP addresses. Again, the IP address will be learned via DNS most likely and the application will also be configured and designed to work with a certain transport layer protocol.
In this case, the application is using UDP at the transport. The layer 3 and layer 2 addresses at the bottom there are those of the sending machine and the receiving end. Notice that we now have a switch in the middle and we are going to describe the process including the way the switch understands and handles the frame.
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