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How To Crash Our Friends WhatsApp Account - SAMHACKERSWORLD

What Is Whatsapp Bomber?

Whatsapp bomber is an app which is used to crash anyone’s Whatsapp account. It have 5 Levels of bombing, we have to select Level according to our need. After selecting Level, it will provide us Bomb Text which we have to copy and send it to our victim on Whatsapp. It send malicious message to our friend and it will crash our friend’s Whatsapp account. So if you are looking for method to use Whatsapp bomber, read our full article and follow all the steps given below carefully.

Requirements To Crash Your Friends Whatsapp Account By Sending Non Stop Messages

Before proceeding to main steps, you must have to complete some basic requirements without them, you aren’t able to crash your friend’s Whatsapp account. So make sure you are ready with these things only after that proceed to main work.

Android Phone.

Whatsapp Messenger must be installed in your Android.

Internet Connection.

These are some requirements to crash your friend’s Whatsapp account within seconds. After completing these requirements, proceed to next step and follow our full guide step by step to bomb on your friend’s Whatsapp.

How To Crash Our Friends WhatsApp Account?

It isn’t difficult to Crash our Friends Whatsapp because of this tutorial. You don’t need to find any Script of something on Google for this purpose. I am going to share one cool Bomber for you which works on any Android phone any starts its magic on your order.

1) First of all you have to download Whatsapp Bomber app from requirements.

2) After downloading, Install and open Whatsapp Bomber on your Android.

If it says Unknown Sources disabled, go to your device Settings >> Security >> Tick mark on Unknown Sources option.

3) Your Whatsapp Bomber app will appear like picture given below.

Crash our friends Whatsapp account

4) Now, you have to select Level, it have total 5 levels. So you have to suggest Level according to your need, if you will select highest Level then it will affect more than lower one to your friend’s Whatsapp account, but I recommend to use lower level first.

whatsapp bomber

5) After selecting Level, it will show you some bomb text on screen.

6) Click on Copy Bomb To Clipboard to copy your spam bomb text.

7) Now, Open your Whatsapp account, paste this text and send to your friend (victim), whose Whatsapp you want to make crash.

8) Whenever your friend opens his Whatsapp and reads your this text message, his Whatsapp get crashed and got hanged for a while.
Done, So this is the trick to crash friend’s Whatsapp account just by sending one message to him on Whatsapp. You can easily crash anyone’s Whatsapp account by using our Whatsapp Bomber app trick. It will give you one malicious code and you have to send it to your victim. After that when your victim opens Whatsapp and reads your message, his Whatsapp get crashed automatically and he can’t able to reply anyone. But make sure to read this article full from above to end, else you will be a victim of this trick if you don’t have enough knowledge about it.

Tips to Protect Your Whatsapp Account From Being Crashed While Using This Trick

After sending your Bomb text to your friend, you must have to clear your Whatsapp chat history, otherwise it will also hang your Whatsapp account.

Make sure you are not using more that Level 3, because if your phone have less than 1GB RAM, then surely it will hang your mobile phone also.

So these are two tips to protect your own Whatsapp account and mobile phone while following our guide to crash your friend’s Whatsapp account. Must remember these two precautions while using this tutorial else you friends can do the same to prank you.  

Steps To Recover Your Whatsapp After Getting Crashed

Is your mobile phone also get bombed by using this guide or someone is bombed on your Whatsapp account by same method? :p If Yes!, then surely you are looking for method to recover your Whatsapp account after bombing  Don’t worry here I am going to sharing how to recover whatsapp account after bombing, so if you also get bomber then follow these steps carefully and recover your Whatsapp easily.

Go to your phone Settings.

Now, choose Applications option.

Scroll down and select Whatsapp.

Then, click on Force Stop button.

Whatsapp Spam Bot trick

Now, again open your Whatsapp account and remember to don’t open any messages.

Just delete all chats and clear your Whatsapp chat history.

Done, that’s it now you are able to use your Whatsapp normally.

So friends  if your Whatsapp account get bombed by reading your friend’s bomber message or while you are trying to bomb your friend’s Whatsapp by following our guide, you can recover your Whatsapp account just by following above given steps carefully.

Final Words

So fiends this is the full guide to crash friends Whatsapp. I am provided full step by step tutorial on how to crash friends whatsapp account just by sending message. After following all the steps carefully you are able to crash and hang anyone’s Whatsapp account. I hope my article is helpful for you and your are successful in crashing your friend’s Whatsapp by our guide, but remember to don’t use this trick for any illegal purpose. This is awesome trick to make your friends shocked. Yeah, I used this way to prank my friends and really enjoyed a lot that moment. You can do the same among your friends too by crashing their Whatsapp Account just by sending a message. So, let me ask, isn’t it cool trick for all of us? Yeah, if you are Whatsapp Addicted then your answer is Yes.  Enjoy, and if you have any query feel free to comment below. I will reply you shortly and solve your doubt regarding to How to Crash Friends Whastapp Account.


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