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How to Hide Facebook Posts From Your Boss - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Did you know that on Facebook, you can make a post totally invisible to a certain person or group of people?

It's a great privacy option for anyone planning a surprise event, shielding personal photos from nosy acquaintances or even hiding nefarious activity from the boss.

Take a look through our walkthrough in the how-to gallery below. Let us know in the comments if you've used this particular privacy function — and how it worked out for you.

1. Hiding Facebook Posts

You can hide an ordinary Facebook post from certain people by changing the privacy settings before you send it.

2. Change Privacy Settings

To alter the privacy settings for a post, click on the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the post box.

This should say "Public" or "Friends," depending on your default settings.

Once you've clicked, select the "Custom" option.

3. Custom Privacy

This gives you the ability to share to a limited group of certain people, or hide the post from individuals or a group of people.

4. Hide From Individuals

If you want to hide the post from one or more individuals, start typing their name in the "Don't share this with..." box and click on the person as they appear.

5. Send it Live

Once you've added the names you want to hide the post from, click "Save changes."

Your post will now be invisible to those people -- hit "Send" as you usually would to make it live.

6. Create a List Option

If you regularly want to hide posts from a certain group of people, you can set up a list so you don't have to enter each name seperately.

To set up a list, go to the first person's profile page and click on the "Friends" menu on the bottom right of their cover photo.

Click "Add to another list."

7. Making a New List

Next, select "+New list." Give your new list a name in the box that appears and press enter.

8. Adding More People

To add more people to the new list simply go through the process as above and click on the new list when you get to the "Add to another list" stage.

9. Select That List

Now when you change the "Custom" settings of your post to hide it, you can start typing the name of your list to hide the content from everyone you added.

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