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Learn Ethical Hacking With Termux Android App - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Hi there , Now You can use Almost all Useful Hacking Tools, Scripts on Your Android Mobile

There are several apps and Hacking Tools are available For Android Mobile and therefore We can Install Kali Linux On Our Android mobile but it requires some time and patient if you are about to use only the tools you needed  then read this article completely to Learn How to Use Termux App and How To Install hacking Tools On Your Android mobile

Termux is a Powerful app  Which can be used to Install useful packages, Hacking Tools On your Android

Now In this Post we are describing About Termux Android App and How To Install Useful Packages/Hacking Tools On your Android mobile

About Termux App

Termux is a Powerful Android app which is Designed to Install Linux packages on your Android Mobile 

With this Termux App You Can Install shell, python, c, c++, perl, ruby, java and many more useful packages and with the help of Termux we can use several Hacking Tools/scripts in our mobile including Nmap, Hydra, Sqlmap etc..

How To Use Hacking Tools in Termux

Firstly Download and Install Termux App On your Mobile from Play store

It doesn't Matter your mobile is Rooted or Non Rooted

After Downloading Open Termux 

Now Type 

 apt Update && apt upgrade

And hit Enter 

Now Type 


Now You are Ready To install useful packages and hacking Tools on your Mobile , we are sharing some of the tools with their installation

How To Install NMAP tool in Termux

In Termux you can Use git  to directly cloning files from guthub or you can manually download files to your sdcard and Use

Nmap is a Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanner Tool , to install nmap in termux type below command 

 pkg install nmap

After that it will take few minutes to install after installation  you can use nmap on termux by typing  nmap in termux 

You can use nmap in termux for scanning targets on your mobile and also for  basic attacks 

How To Install Hydra in Termux

Hydra is is Good Tool for Brute force Attack , hope you might already known about it and you may not need more info about hydra 

To install Hydra in Termux just type command 

 Pkg install Hydra

it takes few minutes to install , after installation

Just type Hydra in Termux to start using termux 

How To Install RED_HAWK Tool in Termux 

As you know RED_HAWK is a good Information Gathering Tool written in Php 

Red Hawk is used for Website Information Gathering such as who is Lookup , Reverse IP Lookup , xss, sqli scanning etc 

To install RED_HAWK follow below steps

To use Red Hawk you Need Php environment so type below command 

 Pkg install php

During installation you will be asked : termux will use some space on your device just simply type y for Yes 

After type

 pkg install git

git is used to directly cloning files from github or you can download scripts, tools from github or other sources and use

Then type the command in termux

 git clone

After success response 

Find the Directory of RED_HAWK 

type cd

Then type ls

Type in Termux

 Chmod +x RED_HAWK




Now Type ls  

Then again type chmod +x rhawk.php

Finally type this command in Termux to use

 php rhawk.php

That's all Now You are able To use RED HAWK in your Mobile 

How To Install Recondog in Termux

ReconDog is also a information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanner Tool Written In Python 

So Follow Below steps To Install And Use RecongDog in Termux 

Firstly kill the session of Termux or You can start a New Session in a new window 


 pkg install Python2

It will prompt you to Termux will use some space on your device simply reply y for yes 

After that now type 

 git clone

Now Type cd

Then type ls 

Then type 

 cd  ReconDog

Then type 


That's all Now You will be able to use ReconDog 

How To Install SQLMAP in Termux

As you know salmap is a most useful website vulnerability scanning Tool 
Which is greatly used by Pentesters, Hackers, Security researchers 

Sqlmap is written in Python so we need python environment for that we have to install python in Termux 

Follow below steps Carefully 

Firstly type 

 Pkg install python2

After installation 

Type this command in Termux 

 git clone

It will take a few minutes to be Downloaded and installed 

After Download just type this command


Then type 


Then again type 

cd sqlmap-dev 

Then final step is type 


That's all you will be able to use sqlmap on your Mobile 

We have presented some information gathering and Vulnerability scanning Tools and Told you How To Install Them in Termux 

You can Install and Use The Hacking Tools written in php, python or any other programming language 

How To Install Lazymux In Termux

Lazymux contains Several Hacking Tools of Kali Linux at One Place so now its easy to Install Lazymux In Termux

Lazymux Contains the Following Hacking Tools

  [01] Sudo              [11] SQLMap
  [02] NMap           [12] Black Hydra
  [03] Hydra          [13] Fl00d & Fl00d2
  [04] FB Brute Force  [14] Infoga
  [05] Webdav          [15]
  [06] RED HAWK        [16] Pagodo
  [07] Brutal          [17] FBUP
  [08] Metasploit      [18] KnockMail
  [09] 1337Hash        [19] Ufonet
  [10] IPLoc           [20] Commix

  [21] D-Tect          [31] ReconDog
  [22] A-Rat           [32] Meisha
  [23] Torshammer      [33] Kali NetHunter
  [24] Slowloris       [34] Ngrok
  [25] DSSS            [35] Weeman
  [26] SQLiv           [36] Cupp
  [27] Wifite          [37] Hash-Buster
  [28] Wifite 2        [38] Routersploit
  [29] MSFPC           [39] Ubuntu
  [30] Kwetza          [40] Fedora

 Follow Below Steps To Do So

Firstly Download 

Termux App 

Then Type this Command 

 apt Update && apt upgrade

Now We have to Install git by typing this command 

 pkg install git

Then Now We need Python2 environment in Termux so type the command pkg install python2 to install python2 

Now almost done type below command to install Lazymux on Termux 

 git clone

After Cloning successful 

Type below command to find the Lazymux Directory

 cd Lazymux && ls

Now you have to type below command for menu of Lazymux Hacking Tools


Now select your Desired Tool To Install and use

Note you're installed tools will be save to Lazymux Directory so always check the Lazymux directory after installing tools 

Now its Possible even To Install Metasploit Frameworks and Many Other Hacking Frameworks in Termux 

Hope you guys liked this tutorial and Wanted to Know more about all the available Hacking Tools for Termux 

We will soon present all the Possible Hacking tools for Termux

in this article we have used the words hack, hacking that belongs To Ethical Hacking Only

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