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Black Friday VPS Hosting And Cloud Hosting Deals 2018 - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Are you looking for the Best Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals? If yes, your search ends right here.

In this article, I am going to list down the top VPS Hosting offers you can grab this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I have also included hosting companies that are providing Black Friday Cloud VPS Deals.

Why Not To Miss Black Friday VPS And Cloud VPS Deals

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, most hosting companies give away insane discounts on Web Hosting, Domain names, Themes as well as Plugins. Because of this, most people prefer starting a new website or transferring their blog to other hosting companies during this period.

So you should definitely not miss out this opportunity to save money and get yourself a good Black Friday VPS deal.

Recommended VPS And Cloud VPS For Black Friday

If you are looking for good solid VPS with a cPanel we highly recommend you to go with Liquid Web Hostingwhich is a premium hosting company that provides VPS at affordable pricing. They also have a good customer support to back up their fully managed VPS products.

However, Liquid Web does not provide VPS for starters who are upgrading from shared hosting and their most basic VPS plan comes with a 4 GB RAM. So, if you are looking for a cheap VPS with lower resources, you can consider Cloudways

For Unmanaged and cheap VPS Option you can consider Turnkey Internet. Their plans start at just $3.99/month with the 4GB 4 Core CPU and 40GB Hard disk VPS available at just $9.99/month.

Get The Turnkey Internet

Best Black Friday VPS Deals

Below is the list of Top Black Friday VPS Deals that I have compiled to make things easier for you.

1. Liquid Web VPS Deals

Liquid Web started operations way back in the year 1997. Over the years, they have transformed into one of the most reputed web hosting companies that provide Managed VPS Hosting and Fully Managed Dedicated Servers.

Liquid Web is known for their fast, reliable and well-secured servers that are fully managed. Their products are backed by world-class support, they refer to as "Heroic Support."

At Liquid web you get SSD based Fully Managed VPS starting from 2GB RAM to 32GB RAM. They also offer Dedicated servers starting from 16GB RAM for the single processors to 512GB RAM for Dual core processors. So, no matter what your need is, they have a server for you.

Like every year, this year too, Liquid web will be providing special discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This Year,  Liquid Web is not offering any price reduction or increasing the VPS Resources.

The price of the basic VPS with 2GB RAM is still $59. However, for Black Friday Sale it will come with few optional addons worth $29.5 for free. 

These Free Addons include with the Liquid Web Black Friday VPS Deal include Site Remediation & Protection as well as Premium Business email Base Charge. So the discount works out to be up to 33%

In addition to the above discount, you can use the Coupon code FASTVPS50 to get an additional 50% Discount for the next 3 months. Below are the VPS deals you can avail this Black Friday

The deal will start on 8th November 2018. The end date of the deal is not yet known. But it is expected to be live beyond Cyber Monday. 

Liquid Web Regular VPS Deals

If you do not want to wait till Black Friday, you can still get a 50% discount for a period of 3 months on Liquid Web Cloud VPS. However, unlike the Black Friday VPS Deal, the discount is applicable on normal plans and hence you only get half the amount of RAM as available with the Black Friday Cloud Deal.

Get Liquid Web Deal

2. Interserver VPS Deals

Interserver is a relatively lesser known web hosting company that has been around since 1999. They provide Web hosting products ranging from Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers at an affordable price tag.

They are a perfect choice for people who are looking for Managed Cheap Cloud VPS as their plans start at just $6/month for a 1GB VPS. However, unlike Liquid Web and other costly Managed VPS providers, Interserver does not offer Fully Managed VPS Services.

According to Interserver, they manage everything you buy from them. So, if you buy a server from them, they will set-up and configure the server. They will also manage all the server-related updates and security patches.

If you buy a cPanel from them, the cPanel updates will be included in their responsibility. So naturally, they won't provide any support for WordPress or any other applications you install on Interserver hosting servers.

The biggest positive about Interserver is the Bread Basket Server Set-Up that they provide for free with all their VPS plans. The set-up includes Free Webuzo control panel from Softaculous. You also get free Softaculous 1-click application installer that is commonly available with shared hosting.

Though, the Interserver Black Friday Deal is just available on their shared hosting, if you want to get Interserver VPS, there is a reason for you cheer.

With a special deal for BloggerzArena readers, you can get Interserver VPS for just 1 cent for the first month. To get this offer, you can click on the below button and use the coupon code BA1CENT in your cart.

Get 1 Cent VPS Deal

3. A2 Hosting VPS Deals

A2 Hosting was founded in the year 2004. It is one of the few popular hosting company which is not owned by the EIG Group or GoDaddy.

They are mainly known in the web-hosting industry for their fast SSD based servers that provide quick page load times. They also have a decent customer support, they refer to as "Guru Crew Support."

Apart from Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated Servers, A2 also offers various VPS hosting plans. They offer Unmanaged VPS, Managed VPS as well as Core VPS.

The Unmanaged VPS starts at just $5 per month for 512MB RAM Server. There is not much of a choice as the topmost server only provides 1GB of RAM.

Both the Managed VPS and Core VPS offers three plans that are identical to each other and also carry the same plan name. Apart from the root access available with the core plan, there is no difference between these plans.

The basic plan for both Managed VPS and Core VPS comes with 4GB of RAM while the topmost plan will give you 8GB of RAM. You get free cPanel with each of these plans

With the A2 Hosting VPS Black Friday offer, you get 50% discount on Managed VPS as well as core VPS. However, there is no discount on unmanaged VPS.

Get A2 Hosting Deal

4. CloudWays Managed Cloud

Cloudways is the odd one out on this list. It does not provide a VPS or even a cloud server. Instead, it procures servers from the likes of Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Front, Linode, Vultr and Kyup and configures the same for the application you want to install on it.

Unlike Server Pilot and others who provide Cloud Server Management services, you don't have to manage two accounts with Cloudways. Rather, you pay a fixed price to CloudWays that includes hosting server charges. That's probably the reason CloudWays does make it to the list.

Cloudways is known in the web hosting industry for their awesome support and is equally popular among bloggers as well as developers. Since with Cloudways, you get to host with several top cloud hosting companies, you get a wide range of choice when it comes to selecting a Data Center that is nearest to your target visitors.

You can get the most basic Digital Ocean server with 512 MB RAM starting just $7/month. However, CloudWays does not recommend using it for live websites.

The cheapest 1 GB RAM plan starts at $11/month for a Vultr server. On the higher end, you can have plans up to 160GB with Amazon Web Services. So no matter if you are a starter or manage a very high traffic website, there's a plan for everyone out there.

This year, during Black Friday And Cyber Monday. Cloudways will be offering flat 30$ discount for 3 months. You can use the Coupon Code BFCM18 to avail this offer. The CloudWays Black Friday deal will be live from 21 Nov 2018, and it will end on 29 November 2018.

However, this offer is suitable only for higher Cloudways plan and your discount will be less for the basic DO and Vultr plans. So, if you are planning to get the basic plans, you can use our exclusive discount coupon below.

Our Exclusive Cloudways Offer:

You can use our Exclusive Coupon Code BO10 to get $10 instant credit. This credit will be added only after you upgrade your plan by adding credit card. However, you will be charged for the first month only if your usage is beyond $10.

CloudWays Offer +Free TrialNo Credit Card Needed

5. Fastcomet VPS Deals

Fastcomet is relatively new to the Website Hosting industry. However, they have very quickly gained popularity. As of 2017, they have over 11,500 customers in 70 countries worldwide.

The best thing about Factomet is that they have 7 Data Centers that have been strategically located to make sure you can find one nearest to your target audience. The Data Center location includes Dallas and Chicago in the USA, London in the UK, Frankfurt in Germany, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Singapore in South Asia and Tokyo in Japan.

Among various products like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting, they also provide Fully Managed Cloud VPS. They have VPS plans starting from $59.95 per month and comes with 2GB RAM. Their highest VPS plan can get you 12GB of RAM.

There is a set-up fee of $19.95 if you enroll for a monthly plan. It is waived off for a 3 months plans. This is a bit odd considering these days set-up fees are usually waived off by the companies irrespective of the duration of the plan.

On the positive side, their renewal prices are not hiked. They also offer a free domain for as long as buy a hosting from them.

The Black Friday VPS Sale for Fastcomet will start on 21 November 2018 at 3 AM EST and will end on 26 November 2018 at 3 AM EST. As the Black Friday Sale ends the Cyber Monday sale will begin on 26 November 2018 at 3 AM EST and will end on 27 November 2018 at 3 AM EST.

During both the Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday sale, you can get 30% off on their VPS plans. To get this offer you can use the coupon code BFCLOUD during Black Friday VPS Sale and CMCLOUD during the Cyber Monday VPS Sale.

6. Turnkey Internet VPS Deals

Turnkey is a Newyork based web hosting company founded way back in the year 1999. They are one of the few hosting companies that own their data centers.

They provide several web hosting products including Shared Hosting (Linux and Windows), VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers as well as SEO Hosting. They also offer co-location space.

During the 2018 Black Friday VPS Sale, Turnkey Internet is offering up to 75% discount on their VPS plans. The basic plan starts at just $3.99/month with their T40 plan that comes with 4 CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM and 40 GB Disk space costing just $9.99/month.

Every Day Black Friday VPS Deals

While the above deals are awesome, there are some deals which you can get at heavy discounts throughout the year. I refer to these deals as Every Day Black Friday VPS Deals as you get Black Friday like offers every day.

I will add more deals to the list as and when I come across new deals.

1. Inmotion Hosting VPS Deals

Inmotion Hosting is a California Based Web Hosting company that has been around since 2001. It is one of the few employee owned companies and hence popular among the people seeking Non-EIG Companies.

Inmotion Hosting provides almost all the Web Hosting related products including Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed and Unmanaged VPS as well as Dedicated Server hosting. 

Inmotion Hosting is not offering any Black Friday VPS Deals this year. However, you can use the Special Inmotion Hosting Discounts available to the BloggerzArena readers.

Inmotion Hosting Special Offer For BloggerzArena

With our special offer, you can get Inmotion Hosting Unmanaged VPS at a price of $19.99/month for annual billing. The same is available at website at $21.04/month. 

As for Managed VPS, you can get it at $29.99/month as against the regular pricing of $31.34/month. Clicking on the button will activate discounts for all the products including Shared Hosting, Managed and UnManaged VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting as well as Reseller Hosting.

For more information on other offers, you can also check the details on the Inmotion Black Friday and Regular Deals page

Get Our Exclusive Inmotion Deals

2. Digital Ocean Cloud VPS Deal

Digital Ocean is a Cloud Hosting company headquartered at New York. It was found in the year 2011 and according to Netcraft, it overtook Amazon Web Services to be the world's fastest growing Cloud Hosting company.

Digital Ocean currently has data centers at 12 locations across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific. Although Digital Ocean is ideal for developers who have good can manage their own servers, off late it is starting to gain popularity among bloggers too as it allows one-click installation of WordPress.

That being said, SSL installation and other tasks which could be easily handled via a cPanel still require some fiddling with the command line.

If you are looking to start with Digital Ocean, you can use the link below to get a $100 instant credit to your Digital Ocean account upon adding your billing details to Digital Ocean. The validity of the credit is 2 months.

Final Words About Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals

Getting a good hosting for your website is important especially if you are a blogger or an online business owner. With the Black Friday VPS Hosting Deals, you can get VPS from the top companies at an affordable price. This will make sure you can get the best hosting without compromising on your budget.

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