Sunday, 4 November 2018

Is Jio Blocking Sites? Know How to Access Blocked Sites on Jio 2018 - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Chatter began on several forums and websites when Jio customers reported that the telecom operator has started blocking several sites. We used to face DNS issues previously but that was very rare. This time Jio is actually blocking adult & several other websites that are not safe for the work in India. We don’t know if they are just testing the things our or it will remain as it is forever!

Nonetheless, we have a solution to access blocked sites on Jio but it’s for educational purpose only. Use it only when some good site is mistakenly blocked by Jio and you want to access it.

So let’s see how to do it…

How to Know if The Site is Blocked by Jio?

If you see any of the 2 messages given below then understand that the website has been blocked by jio.

okay so let us look at how to fix this problem:

How to Access Blocked Sites on Jio?

Follow the exact steps given below:

Open Google Play Store.

Install Snap VPN (7 MB).

Open app and click on “I Agree” button.

You will see “Start 7 Day Free Trial Now” option. You need to click on “No Thanks” option which is located just below it.

Then select “free with ads” option.

Now you will be connected to India by default. You need to change that.

So click on “Location” option at the bottom.

Switch to “Free” from top.

And select United States.

Now open Google chrome or any other browser.

Open your desired website. It will open for sure!


Let us know if you face any issue. We repeat again, use it only when some good sites are accidently blocked by Jio.

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