Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Your Bank and Facebook account will be robbed of just by one phone call - SAMHACKERSWORLD

In today's time, where Information Technology has given us the flexibility in many ways, at the same time, it can be a problem for us. We have been listening to all the cases related to having account hacking or leakage of data, but these days the cases of cloning of SIM cards are also coming up. This new method of online fraud is called sim swap. There are more such frauds in the US and Europe, but now it is also coming to India. According to a report of the US Trade Fair Commission, in 2013, cases of 1,038 fudged cases were reported through SIM swaps, which reached around 3,500 by the beginning of this year. Deception changes your SIM card SIM Swap means the SIM card is replaced with a new SIM.

But in this fraud SIM card is replaced by deceit. By sending a message to the telecom company your current SIM is deactivated and you can be victimized online through the new SIM. That number of 20 digit SIM, this process of fraud starts something like this. First of all, thieves call your number and call themselves the employee of that telecom company, whose SIM you use. These thugs convinced you that this call has been done to overcome the problems of call-on-phone and the Internet running on the phone. Phone smugglers also promise to get 4G SIM free at your home.

In the talk-about, these thugs ask you for a 20-digit number that is printed behind the SIM card. After the SIM's network has given this 20-digit number of SIM card, a message comes for SIM swap on your phone. Now you are asked to press 1 to confirm this thug. Telecom company thinks that you have applied for the new SIM only. After this your network of SIM goes and stops working. As soon as the network is missing from your number, at the same time thieves have a network on the new SIM of your number. The clone will come to SIM. In OTP such fraud, your bank account number or ATM card number is already prevalent in fraud, if needed, then an OTP and it is available from the OTP swapping your SIM.

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After that, he asks OTP for your number and makes a lot of shopping. In many cases it is seen that the thugs ask you a mobile number with a base number, because nowadays many services are connected directly to the base from the bank. Do not turn your phone off. Sometimes these thugs will disturb you so much that you get angry and close the phone. They wait for the same thing, so that there will be no messages on your number when there is a transaction and you do not even know anything. Do not close your mobile phone at all. Let's know that your SIM has swapped assuming that your SIM has been cloned, then you will know that your SIM card has swapped. If your mobile phone is not coming in the network or you are not able to make any calls or SMS and this problem persists for 4-5 hours, then make sure that there is a network problem in the area around you. or not. If there is a problem in your area's network then it is okay, otherwise consider that your SIM card has swapped. If the SIM card is swapped, please do this if your SIM card swaps, then contact your bank as soon as possible. If you have registered your phone number with the back account, please tell your problem by calling all those banks' helpline numbers.

Ask them to freeze your bank account, so that no one can withdraw money from your account. After this, contact your mobile network operator. For this, either you go to the local outlet of your telecom operator or call its customer care number. Here you tell them that your SIM card is missing and block your SIM card. After the SIM card has been blocked, immediately start the same SIM with your name. With this swapped your SIM will turn off and you will be turned on again.

credit: third party image reference

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