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Root your Android device in a safe and secure way - SAMHACKERSWORLD

Root Your Android device In a safe and secure way without pc

Hi guys Before rooting your android device you must know why to root and what's the advantages and disadvantages. 
Most of you know one thing that if device rooted then we can Hack WiFi of others ..That's true but ..we must use some apps for that ,that's not our topic 
our topic is how to root android device in a safe and sucure way without PC 
What's the advantages and disadvantages, what the special after root 
Firstly we must know what is rooting ? If you search on google about rooting then there is a large description and it is difficult to understand. So we are here to make you better understand..
Rooting is the process of getting superuser permissions from your device. What we can do with superuser permission ? What's the advantages? if we got superuser permission then we can see its awesome features such as delete system apps ,boost battery power,increase internet speed and install hack related apps ,also hack WiFi of others ,We can Install busy box, busybox is a package of Linux commands which is used in small Linux based os like android , and also we can Install Kali Linux on our Device, Kali Linux is a great os For penetration testers and Hackers 
Now Disadvantages: you may heard If we root we will loose warranty yes, warranty will lost after rooting it is a major problem for costly devices , Sometimes your Contact and other data will be lost while rooting if you don't have enough patient, you will no longer update system software for costly mobiles eg Samsung, Your device may be brick if you don't have enough patient,
these are the advantages and did advantages of Rooting 
now let's go to tutorial how to root your device in a safe and sucure way without PC.. 
This is a one click root method so Firstly Download Kongo root from here 
You must have speed internet connection 
open the downloaded app after installation and agree its terms and conditions then click on start root button you will notice its process

Wait for five minutes you will see success message 
now device is rooted successfully now you are a Superuser

If you don't want superuser then you can unroot your device at any time by one click unroot method by clicking remove root

Thanks for reading, we hope it will surely help you to root your device if you have any questions please feel free to ask us..

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